MA Curriculum


First Semester Cr. ECTS
LING 501 Aspects of Phonology 4 10
LING 541 Syntactic Theory 4 10
-- -- Departmental Elective 4 10
LING 579 Graduate Seminar 0 5
    12 35


Second Semester Cr. ECTS
LING 512 Morphological Analysis 4 10
LING 504 Semantics 4 10
Readings in Linguistics 1 5
-- -- Unrestricted Elect. 3/4 5-10
    12/13 30-35


Second Year Cr. ECTS
LING 690 Thesis 0 60

Please notice that the above schedule for the first and second semesters is a sample schedule as each of the four obligatory core courses Ling 501, 504, 512 and 541 may be offered either in the Fall or in the Spring. As long as you take them all in your first year in the MA program you will be “on schedule”.
Notice also that typically 571 and 572 are offered in different semesters and they are different codes for the same directed reading course. Either of them satisfies the course requirement. You can take either of Ling 571 and 572 with a linguistics faculty member of your choice, at any time by the end of your fourth semester in the MA program and provided that you contacted that member in advance and (s)he agreed to your taking the course with them. Finally, since the codes are different, you can, if you like to, take both 571 and 572, but be aware that the extra reading course cannot be used to substitute other required courses.

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