Application & Admission



  • ALES score (min. EA 75) (alternatively GRE or GMAT scores).
  • .An M.A./M.S. grade point average, specified for each program by the relevant Institute).
  • Proof of English Proficiency.*
  • *Students should have taken one of the tests listed below and obtained the minimum scores indicated.

BUEPT (Bogazici University English Proficiency Test) Min. Score: 60
USA: TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) Min. Score: 550, TWE: 4.5
Computer-based TOEFL: 213, TWE: 4.5
UK: IELTS Test (International English Language Testing System) Min. Score: 7

Final admissions will be granted after the applicants are evaluated in their own subject by department. Applicants who have applied during the early application period and have been accepted for the program but were not in possession of the necessary documents or test results (including proof of English proficiency) are expected to submit all valid documents to the Registrar’s and complete their file by the time of Registration.

Suggestions on how to prepare for the field specialization exams in linguistics

The field specialization exam at the PhD level aims at determining the applicant’s degree of awareness in some of the major theoretical issues in linguistic theory as well as his/her expertise in data analysis. Applicants are advised to review the concepts and analytical approaches to language as presented in some of the survey books in linguistics.

Required Documents*

  • Official transcripts, sent directly to the Boğaziçi University Registrar's Office by the university from which the applicant has graduated. The documents should include all the courses taken and all the grades received throughout the applicant's M.A./M.S. programs.
  • Two reference letters from persons familiar with the applicant's academic performance
  • An official document indicating the applicant's disciplinary record at the university he/she has graduated**
  • Photocopy of the diploma
  • Statement of Purpose 

** Only when applying from a Turkish University

*Application documents will not be returned to applicants.

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