Full Time

Associate Professor
Office: JF 302 E-mail: akar@boun.edu.tr Phone: 4912
  • Senior Advisor

Discourse analysis, genre analysis, language and gender, language acquisition

Assistant Professor
Office: JF 307 E-mail: umit.atlamaz {atsign} boun.edu.tr Phone: 4903
  • Vice Chair

Case, Ergativity, Case/Agreement-Split, Partial agreement, Agreement disruptions, Differential Object Marking, Sentiment Analysis, Natural Language Inference, Ontology

Assistant Professor
Office: JF 311 E-mail: metin.bagriacik@boun.edu.tr Phone: 4908
  • Sophomore Advisor
  • Outgoing Erasmus Coordinator

morpho-syntactic micro-variation, diachronic morpho-syntax, language-contact at the morpho-syntactic level, cartographic syntax, word structure, Modern Greek dialects, Turkish

Assistant Professor
Office: JF 312 E-mail: stefano.canalis@boun.edu.tr Phone: 4914
  • Incoming Exchange & Erasmus Coordinator
  • Freshman Advisor

Phonological representations, feature theory, stress, lenition, vowel harmony, diachronic phonology, phonetics/phonology interrelations, history of linguistics

Assistant Professor
Office: JF 309 E-mail: omerfaruk.demirok@boun.edu.tr Phone: 4906
  • Vice Chair
  • Transfer Advisor
  • Causcasian Languages Coordinator

syntax (argument structure, case, agreement, nominalization, word order), formal semantics (scope, intensionality, conditionals), morphology (Distributed Morphology, Nanosyntax), Turkish, Caucasian languages, endangered languages, fieldwork

Assistant Professor
Office: JF 312 E-mail: kadir.gokgoz@boun.edu.tr Phone: 4902
  • Junior Advisor

Age of Acquisition Effects, Bimodal-Bilingualism, Prosody-Syntax Interaction, Deaf Education, Literacy, Turkish Sign Language (TİD), American Sign Language (ASL), Turkish

Associate Professor
Office: JF 305 E-mail: elena.guerzoni@boun.edu.tr Phone: 4901
  • MA and PhD Advisor

Formal semantics, formal pragmatics, and their interaction with syntax focusing on the following empirical domains across languages: Negative Polarity and Negative Concord, interrogative sentences and predicates that embed them, presupposition projection, and focus associating particles.

Office: JF 301 E-mail: nakipogl at boun.edu.tr Phone: 7299


  • Prep Advisor

Learnability, Language and Cognition, Language Acquisition, Morphology, Information Structure in Turkish, Prosody-Pragmatics/Semantics Interface.



Office: JF 303 E-mail: balkiz.ozturk@boun.edu.tr Phone: 4911
  • Department Chair

Caucasian Languages, Altaic Languages, Turkic Languages, Theoretical Syntax, Semantics

Part-Time Faculty

Office: JF 310 E-mail: ankvab_g60@hotmail.com Phone: 6623

Abkhaz Instructor

Abkhaz language and history

Office: JF 310 Phone: 6623

Laz Instructor


Office: JF 310 Phone: 6623

Kabardian Instructor

Kabardian, Russian

Office: JF 310 Phone: 6623

Turkish Sign Language (TID) Instructor

Turkish Sign Language (TID)