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When: May 27-28, 2022

Where: Demir Demirgil Auditorium

Time Talk Speaker(s)
    First Day
09:00   Registration
09:45   Welcome, Opening Remarks
10:00 Invited Talk Pavel Caha
11:00   Coffee Break
    First Session
11:15 Diminutivizing L-reduplication in Norwegian Henrik Torgersen
11:45 An Analysis of Case Licensing and Morphological Realizations of Case in Turkish Arife Betül Yenice
12:15   Lunch Break
13:45   Poster Session at Özger Arnas
    Second Session
15:15 The effect of socio-cultural contexts on embodied cognition: Evidence from pupil dilation response Beste Çağlıbektaş & Gonca Aydınlıyurt
15:45 Sound symbolism in the Turkish tongue... and hand Austin Howard
16:15 Distributed agreement account for gender resolution in sandwiched coordination: Evidence from Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Marija Brašić
    Second Day
10:00 Invited Talk: How do Turkish people with aphasia interpret anaphoric pronouns? Seçkin Arslan
11:00   Coffee Break
    First Session
11:15 Morpho-orthographic processing of Persian inflectional verbs exhibiting allomorphy Aref Milani
11:45 Hearer Inclusion: the Interpersonal Function of the Turkish Discourse Marker hani İlsu İrmeşe
12:15 Morphological data extraction from a corpus of nouns in Turkish Yağmur Öztürk
12:45   Lunch Break
13:45 Collecting Data from Twitter & Computational Tools to Collect and Utilize Language Data: Case of Minority Languages Karahan Şahin & Büşra Marşan
15:15   Coffee Break
    Second Session
15:30 ɸ-feature Accumulation via the Labeling Algorithm Nazmiye Aktaş Öyük & Ümit Atlamaz
16:00 Normal Disfluency and Syntactic Complexity in Child Speech Ziv Plotnik
16:30 On the Distribution of of ''mA+sI(n)'' Clauses and Control in Turkish Merve Yazar
17:00   Closing Remarks
19:00   Social Get-Together



Verb Doubling: I can but I will not!, Sena Kurnaz

A Morpho-syntactic Account of Ungrammatical Associative Plurals in Turkish, Muhammed İleri

Corpus-Based Critical Discourse Analysis of “Violence Against Women in Turkey", Rümeysa Keskinoğlu & Ali Şükrü Özbay

On the Semelfactives in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian: Suffix -nu- as the Atelic Marker and Orphan Semelfactives, Marija Brašić

Multilingualism in Ankara: A Linguistic Landscape Study, Oğulcan Yavuz, Eda Balakbabalar, Gökçe Selen, Özgenaz Morova & Melike Gezer

Linguistics and storytelling of main social movements in both sides of the Pyrenees, Estéfano Rodríguez Peláez

Neural Morphological Analysis for Turkish with Transformers, Karahan Şahin

Mukri Pronominal Clitics distribution and absolute prepositions interaction: Klavans’ Cliticization Parameters, Ghader Allahweisiazar

Event Date Start: 
Friday, May 27, 2022
Event Date End: 
Saturday, May 28, 2022

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