MA Theses

Title of the thesis Submission Date Author Advisor(s) Link to edit content Turkish as a heritage language : diachronic change and synchronic variation of Turkish in the United Kingdom 2023 Ezgi Sanıyar Metin Bağrıaçık, Ümit Atlamaz De Re De dicto ambiguities in Turkish : disambiguation by LLMs and processing by humans 2023 Büşra Marşan Ümit Atlamaz, Ömer Demirok Genitive case in Turkish 2023 Aslı Kuzgun Ümit Atlamaz A paradigm gap in Turkish 2023 Muhammed İleri Ömer Demirok A nanosyntactic account of the Turkish copula and agreement paradigms 2023 Serra Gök Ömer Demirok Squatitive negation in Turkish 2023 Ege Baran Dalmaz Didar Akar Negation in Pazar Laz 2023 Neslihan Cesur Metin Bağrıaçık Pragmatics of impersonal pronouns in Turkish 2022 Seyyit Talha Bedir Didar Akar Multinomial processing tree models of recent accounts of the processing of noncanonical word order sentences 2022 Kasım Burak Çavuşoğlu Pavel Logacev Lexical effects in morpho-orthographic segmentation 2022 Allyson Lee Kellum Pavel Logacev Turkish memes and their users : indexicality and identity through language play 2022 Ümit Can Tunçer Didar Akar Agreement attraction in Turkish 2022 Utku Türk Pavel Logacev Applicatives in Pomak 2022 Sercan Karakaş Balkız Öztürk Başaran Early morpho-orthographic decomposition in Persian simple verbs 2022 Aref Alamdar Milani Pavel Logacev Semantics and syntax of Herhangi bir : an alternative-based approach to Turkish polarity items 2022 Pınar Aslan Kubilay Ümit Atlamaz Turkish indefinites : scope and specificity 2022 Ecem Baykuş Elena Guerzoni Semantics of Turkish free conditionals 2021 Kadernur Akpınar Elena Guerzoni Kazakh esh-words and negative concord 2021 Assem Amirzhanova Elena Guerzoni Applicatives in Ladino 2021 Fatma Belgin Dinç Balkız Öztürk Başaran Expression of arguments and age of acquisition effects in Turkish Sign Language 2021 Semra Özdemir Kadir Gökgöz A semantic description of Turkish conditional sentences 2021 Bergül Soykan Ömer Demirok Suspended affixation in Turkish 2020 Furkan Atmaca Aslı Göksel A uniform account of personal and impersonal passives in Turkish 2020 Furkan Dikmen Balkız Öztürk Başaran Negative polarity Kimse and free choice Bir Kimse : a unified semantic analysis 2020 Feyza Filiz Elena Guerzoni Voice in Istanbul Greek 2020 Umut Gülsün Aslı Göksel The causative-inchoative alternation in Turkish Sign Language and the age-of-acquisition effects on complex clauses 2020 Demet Kayabaşı Kadir Gökgöz The syntax of focus particles in Turkish 2019 Uğurcan Vurgun Mine Nakipoğlu, Sumru Özsoy Effects of age of acquisition on morphosyntactic structures in Turkish Sign Language : Evidence from classifiers 2019 Hande Sevgi Kadir Gökgöz Idiomaticity, formulaicity and semi-fixed constructions in Turkish 2019 Ali Yağız Şen Aslı Göksel Derivational networks of nouns and adjectives in Turkish 2019 Aysel Kapan Aslı Göksel The role of heuristics in sentence processing in Turkish 2019 Noyan Dokudan Pavel Logacev The syntax of information structure in Turkish nominal phrases 2019 Özlem Ergelen Kadir Gökgöz Denominal verbs in Turkish 2019 Müge Gedik Balkız Öztürk Başaran How Turkish-speaking children tackle negation when it combines with modality and (non)factivity in complex sentences 2019 Melike Hendek Mine Nakipoğlu Aspect and thematic suffixes in Şavşat Georgian 2019 Reyhan Lütfiye Okumuş Balkız Öztürk Başaran A corpus analysis of multiple negation in Turkish 2019 Can Özbey Didar Akar Developing a talking dictionary for a morphologically complex language: The case of Laz 2019 Audrey Lynn Richardson Aslı Göksel, Pavel Logacev The universal quantifier 'All’ in Turkish sign language 2019 Burcu Saral Meltem Kelepir{u00FC}nevver+erdem&searchscope=5&SORT=R/Xm{u00FC}nevver+erdem&searchscope=5&SORT=R&SORT=RZ&extended=0&SUBKEY=münevver+erdem/1%2C2%2C2%2CB/frameset&FF=Xm{u00FC}nevver+erdem&searchscope=5&SORT=R&1%2C1%2C Non-canonical morphological patterns in Turkish: Evidence from person-number markers 2018 Münevver Erdem Aslı Göksel, Aysun Kunduracı A tripartite division of stative verbs in Turkish 2018 Nagihan Kısa Kaz Didar Akar, Eser Erguvanlı Taylanğlu&SORT=R&submit=Ara Children's comprehension of presuppositions introduced by focus particles: Evidence from Turkish 2018 Simge Topaloğlu Mine Nakipoğlu{u00F6}ksu&searchscope=5&SORT=R/Xduygu+g{u00F6}ksu&searchscope=5&SORT=R&SORT=RZ&extended=0&SUBKEY=duygu+göksu/1%2C2%2C2%2CB/frameset&FF=Xduygu+g{u00F6}ksu&searchscope=5&SORT=R&1%2C1%2C Subject infinitives in Turkish 2018 Duygu Göksu Balkız Öztürk Başaran Minimal words in Turkish: A view from locality 2018 Yasin Taşdemir Kadir Gökgöz Valence and saturation phonology 2017 Filiz Miraç Mutlu Markus Pöchtrager The structure of 'diye' clauses in Turkish 2017 Hilal Yıldırım Gündoğdu Aslı Göksel Time and aspect in Turkish Sign Language (TİD): manual and nonmanual realizations of 'finish' 2016 Serpil Karabüklü Meltem Kelepir Spatial prefixes of Pazar Laz: a nano-syntactic approach 2016 Ömer Eren Balkız Öztürk Başaran{u0131}nar&searchscope=5&SORT=R/XSeda+Akp{u0131}nar&searchscope=5&SORT=R&SORT=RZ&extended=0&SUBKEY=Seda+Akpınar/1%2C2%2C2%2CB/frameset&FF=XSeda+Akp{u0131}nar&searchscope=5&SORT=R&1%2C1%2C Processing genitive-possessive long distance dependencies in Turkish 2015 Seda Akpınar Mine Nakipoğlu Turkish change of state verbs in the inchoative-causative alternation 2015 Feyza Balakbabalar Balkız Öztürk Başaran Non-structural datives in Turkish 2015 Nil Tonyalı Balkız Öztürk Başaranüder&searchscope=5&sortdropdown=-&SORT=RZ&extended=0&SUBMIT=Search&searchlimits=&searchorigarg=XInflected+doubled+verbs+in+Turkish%26SORT%3DR Complex clauses with embedded constituent interrogatives in Turkish Sign Language (TİD) 2015 Emre Hakgüder Aslı Göksel, Meltem Kelepir Inflected doubled verbs in Turkish 2015 Betül Erbaşı Aslı Göksel, Eser Erguvanlı Taylanşe+Büşra+Yakut+Kubaş&searchscope=5&sortdropdown=-&SORT=RZ&extended=0&SUBMIT=Search&searchlimits=&searchorigarg=XSeda+Akp%7Bu0131%7Dnar%26SORT%3DR Contrastive Değil constructions In Turkish: a large conjunct and Pf-deletion analysis 2015 Ayşe Büşra Yakut Kubaş Meltem Kelepir The functional categories and phrase structure of Sason Arabic 2014 Faruk Akkuş Balkız Öztürk Başaran{u0131}ld{u0131}z&searchscope=5&SORT=R/XEsra+Y{u0131}ld{u0131}z&searchscope=5&SORT=R&SORT=RZ&extended=0&SUBKEY=Esra+Yıldız/1%2C24%2C24%2CB/frameset&FF=XEsra+Y{u0131}ld{u0131}z&searchscope=5&SORT=R&2%2C2% Reduplication as a compounding process: the case of [VV] converbs in Turkish 2014 Esra Yıldız Aslı Göksel Acquisition of modality in Turkish 2013 Treysi Terziyan Eser Erguvanlı Taylan, Ayhan Aksu-Koç On the nature of anaphoric expressions kendi/ kendisi and the clause structure of Turkish 2013 Bilge Palaz A. Sumru Özsoyı+Özkul&searchscope=5&sortdropdown=-&SORT=RZ&extended=0&SUBMIT=Search&searchlimits=&searchorigarg=XA+phonological+and+morphological+analysis+of+instrumental+noun-verb+pairs+i%26SORT%3D A phonological and morphological analysis of instrumental noun-verb pairs in Turkish sign language (TİD) 2013 Aslı Özkul Aslı Göksel Resultative constructions in Turkish 2013 Tacettin Turgay A. Sumru Özsoy AGREE as a unidirectional operation: evidence from Laz 2013 Ömer Faruk Demirok Balkız Öztürk Başaran The verbal functional domain in the Denizli dialect of Turkish 2013 Yağmur Sağ Aslı Gökselüleyman+Sabri+Taşçı&searchscope=5&sortdropdown=-&SORT=RZ&extended=0&SUBMIT=Search&searchlimits=&searchorigarg=XPhonological+and+morphological+aspects+of+lexicalized+fingerspelling+in+Tur Phonological and morphological aspects of lexicalized fingerspelling in Turkish Sign Language (TİD) 2012 Süleyman Sabri Taşçı Aslı Göksel On suffixhood and verbalness: a Mirror Theoretic approach 2012 İsa Kerem Bayırlı Meltem Kelepir, Markus A. Pöchtragerıyaman+Kurmanji&searchscope=5&sortdropdown=-&SORT=RZ&extended=0&SUBMIT=Search&searchlimits=&searchorigarg=XNe%7Bu015F%7De+Kaya%26SORT%3DR Ergative as accusative case: evidence from Adıyaman Kurmanji 2012 Ümit Atlamaz Balkız Öztürk Başaran Acquisition of passives in Turkish 2011 Gülümser Efeoğlu Mine Nakipoğlu{u015F}e+Kaya&searchscope=5&SORT=R/XNe{u015F}e+Kaya&searchscope=5&SORT=R&extended=0&SUBKEY=Neşe+Kaya/1%2C8%2C8%2CB/frameset&FF=XNe{u015F}e+Kaya&searchscope=5&SORT=R&1%2C1%2C Ambivalent belongings: a discourse analysis of second generation Cretan immigrants in Cunda 2011 Neşe Kaya Didar Akar The phrase structure of two dialects of Kurmanji Kurdish: standard dialect and Muş dialect 2011 Songül Gündoğdu Balkız Öztürk BaşaranÖzge+Sarıgül&searchscope=5&sortdropdown=-&SORT=R&extended=0&SUBMIT=Search&searchlimits=&searchorigarg=XEstablishing+legitimacy%3A+persuasion+and+organisational+identity%26SORT%3DR Frequency effects in the production and perception of long vowels in Turkish 2011 Özge Sarıgül Mine Nakipoğlu, Eser E. Taylan Establishing legitimacy: persuasion and organisational identity 2010 Alya Humphrey Didar Akar{u0131}+G{u00FC}rer&searchscope=5&SORT=R/XAsl{u0131}+G{u00FC}rer&searchscope=5&SORT=R&extended=0&SUBKEY=Aslı+Gürer/1%2C2%2C2%2CB/frameset&FF=XAsl{u0131}+G{u00FC}rer&searchscope=5&SORT=R&1%2C1%2C Subject positions, case checking and EPP in complex noun phrase constructions in Turkish 2010 Aslı Gürer A. Sumru Özsoy Intervention effects in simple Wh-questions in Turkish 2010 Yasemin Kesen Meltem Kelepir On the role of empty onsets in Turkish: a government phonology approach 2010 Derya Nuhbalaoğlu Markus A. Pöchtrager Direct reported speech: positioning and relational identity work 2010 Didem İkizoğlu Didar Akar Pragmatic and prosodic analysis of sentence topic in Turkish 2010 Güliz Güneş Aslı Göksel Apophony in Turkish onomatopoeic reduplications 2010 Semra Baturay Markus A. Pöchtrager Finiteness and complementation patterns in Pazar Laz 2009 Betül Emgin Balkız Öztürk Başaran Prosodic domains and the syntax-prosody mapping in Turkish 2009 Seda Kan Meltem Kelepirökgöz&searchscope=5&sortdropdown=-&SORT=RZ&extended=0&SUBMIT=Search&searchlimits=&searchorigarg=XNeslihan+Yumruta%7Bu015F%7D%26SORT%3DR Topics in Turkish sign language (Türk İşaret Dili – TİD) syntax: verb movement, negation and clausal architecture 2009 Kadir Gökgöz A. Sumru Özsoy On scrambling in Turkish 2009 Tamer Akan Balkız Öztürk Başaranş&searchscope=5&sortdropdown=-&SORT=RZ&extended=0&SUBMIT=Search&searchlimits=&searchorigarg=XRhetorical+yes%2Fno+questions+in+Turkish%26SORT%3DR Acquisition of relative clauses in Turkish 2009 Neslihan Yumrutaş Mine Nakipoğlu Rhetorical yes/no questions in Turkish 2009 Tülin Keçeli Aslı Göksel Impoliteness in computer mediated communication 2009 Ayşegül Can Didar Akar Vowel-zero alternation in Turkish 2008 Halil İbrahim İskender Aslı Göksel Verb movement and feature percolation: evidence from Turkish 2006 Süleyman Ulutaş A. Sumru Özsoyİlknur+Oded&searchscope=5&sortdropdown=-&SORT=RZ&extended=0&SUBMIT=Search&searchlimits=&searchorigarg=XM.+Cem+%7Bu00C7%7Dak%7Bu0131%7Dr%26SORT%3DR Control in Turkish 2006 İlknur Oded Balkız Öztürk{u00C7}ak{u0131}r&searchscope=5&SORT=R/XM.+Cem+{u00C7}ak{u0131}r&searchscope=5&SORT=R&SORT=RZ&extended=0&SUBKEY=M.+Cem+Çakır/1%2C7%2C7%2CB/frameset&FF=XM.+Cem+{u00C7}ak{u0131}r&searchscope=5&SORT=R&1%2C On stress, types of extrametricality and the phonological structure of the extrametrical syllable in turkish simplex words 2006 M. Cem Çakır Aslı Gökselörgülü&searchscope=5&sortdropdown=-&SORT=RZ&extended=0&SUBMIT=Search&searchlimits=&searchorigarg=Xfatma+asl%7Bu0131%7D+%7Bu00FC%7Dntak%26SORT%3DR Variable wh-words in Turkish 2006 Emrah Görgülü A. Sumru Özsoyı+üntak&searchscope=5&sortdropdown=-&SORT=R&extended=0&SUBMIT=Search&searchlimits=&searchorigarg=XTopics+in+syntax-phonology+interface+in+Turkish%3A+sentential+stress+and+phas%26 Topics in syntax-phonology interface in Turkish: sentential stress and phases 2006 Fatma Aslı Üntak Tarhan Meltem Kelepirçbaş&searchscope=5&sortdropdown=-&SORT=R&extended=0&SUBMIT=Search&searchlimits=&searchorigarg=XExpository+writing+in+Turkish%3A+a+rhetorical+approach+to+coherence+and+cohes%26SOR Expository writing in Turkish: a rhetorical approach to coherence and cohesion 2006 B. Dilara Koçbaş Didar Akar Conversational humor in Turkish peer groups: an interactional sociolinguistic approach 2005 Bilgen Erdem Didar Akar [-AsI] and SPLIT-INFL hypothesis in Turkish 2005 Yasemin Bağrıyanık A. Sumru Özsoy{u00F6}zge+{u00E7}a{u011F}lar&searchscope=5&SORT=R/X{u00F6}zge+{u00E7}a{u011F}lar&searchscope=5&SORT=R&SORT=RZ&extended=0&SUBKEY=özge+çağlar/1%2C7%2C7%2CB/frameset&FF=X{u00F6}zge+{u00E7}a{u011F}lar&searchscope Interactional dynamics in medical encounters: the participant roles and identities 2005 Özge Çağlar Didar Akar Comprehension of reversible sentences in Turkish agrammatism 2005 Beste Can Yolcu Aslı Göksel Phonology-syntax interface in Turkish: evidence from binding and scope phenomena 2004 Vahap Atilla Oğuşgil A. Sumru Özsoy Resumptive pronouns in Turkish 2004 Hasan Mesud Meral A. Sumru Özsoyünhan&searchscope=5&sortdropdown=-&SORT=RZ&extended=0&SUBMIT=Search&searchlimits=&searchorigarg=Xtanju+g%7Bu00FC%7Drp%7Bu0131%7Dnar%26SORT%3DR Verbal and nominal functional categories of a Turkish speaking autistic child 2004 N. Evra Günhan A. Sumru Özsoy How far is UG accessible for Turkish second language learners with respect to adverb placement in German and English? 2003 Eda Esra Bülbül Mine Nakipoğlu Acquisition of complementation in Turkish 2002 Aslı Ciğer Eser Erguvanlı Taylan Semantic relations among basic verbs 2001 Mehmet Onat Işık Mine Nakipoğlu On word order in Gostivar Turkish 2001 Şirin Tufan A. Sumru Özsoy The question particle and movement in Turkish 2000 Dilek Besler A. Sumru Özsoyürpınar&searchscope=5&sortdropdown=-&SORT=RZ&extended=0&SUBMIT=Search&searchlimits=&searchorigarg=Xthe+role+of+L1%26SORT%3DR The dialect of Pazar Laz and its case system 2000 Tanju Gürpınar Eser Erguvanlı Taylan The role of L1 parameters in second language acquisition: Turkish as a second language 2000 Ercan Balcı A. Sumru Özsoy Approaches to wh-structures in Turkish 1999 Ceyda Arslan A. Sumru Özsoy Early verbs and the acquisition of Turkish argument structure 1999 F. Nihan Ketrez Eser Erguvanlı Taylan, Ayhan Aksu-Koç Turkish as a non-pro-drop language 1999 Balkız Öztürk A. Sumru Özsoy The SPLIT INFL hypothesis in Turkish 1998 Gülşat Tosun A. Sumru Özsoy A comparison of two dialects spoken in Eastern-Rhodope 1998 Canan Tekulus Eser Erguvanlı Taylan On some issues of interface in Turkish and English: synthetic compounding 1997 Lynda Michele Lonsdorf A. Sumru Özsoy Properties of verbal idioms in Turkish 1997 Mine Güven A. Sumru Özsoy The processes underlying Turkish vowel harmony 1997 Stephen R. Parker Eser Erguvanlı Taylan A study of the Turkish spoken in western-Thrace and its comparison with standard Turkish 1996 Ayşe Hacı Halil A. Sumru Özsoy The implications of antisymmetry theory of syntax on Turkish word order 1996 Meltem Kelepir A. Sumru Özsoy Argument structure and idiomatic compounds in Turkish 1995 Günizi Kartal A. Sumru Özsoy Problems of terminology translation: the case of Turkish linguistic terminology 1994 Dilek Dizdar Eser Erguvanlı Taylan Wh-questions in Turkish 1990 Didar Akar A. Sumru Özsoy{u011F}uz+Baykara&searchscope=5&SORT=R/XO{u011F}uz+Baykara&searchscope=5&SORT=R&SORT=RZ&extended=0&SUBKEY=Oğuz+Baykara/1%2C19%2C19%2CB/frameset&FF=XO{u011F}uz+Baykara&searchscope=5&SORT=R&1%2C1%2C A contrastive analysis of Japanese and Turkish segmental phonemes and predicted pronunciation errors in Turkish for speakers of Japanese 1989 Oğuz Baykara Eser Erguvanlı Taylan The deep and surface case relations in Turkish 1989 Nafi Yalçın Hikmet Sebüktekin A sociolinguistic analysis of doctor-patient interactions 1989 Ümit Z. Alacahanlı A. Sumru Özsoy Word stress in Turkish 1987 Deniz Köktürk A. Sumru Özsoy{u011F}ul/aog~aul/1%2C4%2C4%2CB/frameset&FF=aog~aul+emel&1%2C1%2C Teaching listening comprehension 1986 Emel Oğul Eser Erguvanlı Taylan Tense, aspect and modality in the use of the Turkish aorist 1984 Nergis Enmutlu Eser Erguvanlı Taylan Techniques and approaches in teaching reading skills to advanced students 1984 Aysun Kantaroğlu Hikmet Sebüktekin A study of errors in learning Turkish: case endings 1984 Pınar Oğuzkan Hikmet Sebüktekin A linguistic approach to poetry for advanced TFL classes 1983 Işın Bengi Eser Erguvanlı Taylan Some considerations in teaching Turkish women how to read and write 1983 Norma Jeanne Cox Eser Erguvanlı Taylan Pronouns as referring expressions in Turkish 1983 Petek Kurtböke Eser Erguvanlı Taylan The analysis of Turkish passives in discourse 1983 Muazzez Tarzi Eser Erguvanlı Taylan Nature versus convention: a study of E. M. Forster's novels 1982 Fatma Akdeniz Arthur Humphreys The future reference of the Turkish progressive morpheme [-iyor] 1982 Işıl Kurtoğlu Eser Erguvanlı Taylan The enigma of history: a study of Shakespeare's historical tetralogies 1981 Nurdan Umur Arthur Humphreys Learning problems with -dik and -yen 1981 Glen Garner Eser Erguvanlı Taylan Onomatopoeia in Turkish: a prosodic analysis 1980 Fatma Mine Özgenç Bengisu Ronaın&searchscope=5&sortdropdown=-&SORT=R&extended=0&SUBMIT=Search&searchlimits=&searchorigarg=XOnomatopoeia+in+Turkish%3A+a+prosodic+analysis%26SORT%3DR Reading comprehension: an experiment 1979 Nilbahar Canakın Hikmet Sebüktekin Syntax of Turkish rumor clauses 1979 Hale Öztekin Hikmet Sebüktekin Harheş dialect : a phonological and morphological analysis 1978 Yasemin Öner Bengisu Rona Error analysis Turkish-den and its correspondences in English 1978 I. Fulya Sarı Richard MurphyÖzgen&searchscope=5&sortdropdown=-&SORT=RZ&extended=0&SUBMIT=Search&searchlimits=&searchorigarg=XNilbahar+Canak%7Bu0131%7Dn%26SORT%3DR A study and classification of Turkish nominal compounds 1976 Ayser Özgen Hikmet Sebüktekin Turkish pronominal system of address 1975 S. Leyla Aysan Bengisu Rona The phonology of MGK: Athenian Greek and Istanbul Greek 1975 Aliki Papadopulos Richard Murphy The language laboratory and foreign language teaching 1975 A. Sumru Özsoy Hikmet Sebüktekin A course outline to teach the use of the articles in English 1975 Hitay Yükseker Hikmet Sebüktekin Expression of past time in Turkish and its counterpart in English 1974 Beste Örstan Bengisu Rona, Richard Murphy Turkish influences on the Croatoserbian language 1974 Fevzija Sahinagic Bengisu Rona